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1. Probably the most open economy in the developed world

2. Nearly 1,000 global companies have made Ireland the hub of their European networks

3. Overseas business and entrepreneurs from abroad find a welcome in Ireland

4. Young, highly-educated workforce in a dynamic knowledge-based economy

5. Attractive tax regime

6. Common language and culture with the United Kingdom

7. No interview or language tests

8. Excellent schools and health facilities

9. Spouses and dependants up to 23 years old accepted and able to work

10. Listed in Forbes 2019 “Best Countries for Business”


Why invest in Ireland?

This is an ideal residency programme for Skilled Entrepreneurs seeking a base in Europe. Ireland offers top class educational facilities, exceptional business opportunities and attractive taxation rates. It is also well connected with many international flights direct into Dublin which itself is just a short flight with hourly connections from London Heathrow.

Ireland is a booming economy within Europe and is set to benefit further as the UK withdraws from the EU under Brexit. With English as the official language and with low corporation tax of just 12.5% (one of the lowest in Europe), Ireland has become the European home of some of the world’s largest companies, including Google, Apple and Microsoft.

The residency programme offers favourable conditions including 2 year Employment Permit, a renewable five year residency visa and a potential route to citizenship and a passport for those choosing to live in the country. Ireland’s education system is second to none. Two of the four top universities in Europe for educating entrepreneurs are based in Ireland.

More about

Irish citizenship

After five years the applicant can apply for Irish citizenship and if successful, gain the right to live and work in the EU or the UK without restriction. This advantage of being able to live freely within the United Kingdom follows from the UK and Ireland being part of the Common Trade Area, established almost 100 years ago.
By comparison to the now-abolished UK Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, this route offers an attractive alternative. Spouses and dependent children up to the age of 23 can be admitted as well. Spouses should be able to work in Ireland without the need for an employment permit.

Forming a company

Working with their Irish law partners, Canfields Law will incorporate an Irish company with qualifying Directors. The applicant will need the relevant qualifications, skills and experience required and must play an active role as a key member of company. Complying with the requirements will ensure that after just two years the applicant will be permitted to work without the need for any employment permit, and without minimum salary levels. At this point you will also be able to establish a business or be self-employed.

How the plan works

Visa Tier  is part of Canfields Law which has several years’ experience in setting up and supporting active trading companies, providing Directors, offices and other corporate mentoring services. Using that experience Canfields Law will set up a genuine active trading companies that reflect the skills of the non-EEA nationals seeking residence and citizenship in Ireland.


Family and residency

 Employment permit holders may apply for immediate family reunification for eligible family members as follows:
• Spouses 
• Any minor children 
• Dependent children up to age 23 who are in full-time education 
• De facto Partners. However, a Pre-Clearance application is necessary whether client is visa required or not and takes about 8 weeks. It is a condition that de factor partners have been living together for a minimum continuous 2 year period immediately prior to the application.



We told you the basic and general details about the citizenship of Ireland, but still the immigration process is a purely personal event, with your own experiences and circumstances. Understanding this, we offer a special service for our customers! Sign up for a personal consultation and see for yourself!



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Please note that business visas require funds for investment.

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